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With great honor and respect, We present to you this site highlighting some remarkable achievements of our company from its nursery stage to date.The challenges in Information and Technology industry are quite enormous, but its our belief that challenges could be overcome through hard working and dedication. At Gems Global Services Ltd., our experienced personnel from various field are confidently ever ready and also a paved way for us to face and succeed all challenges.Our excellent performance and achievements in this sector are clear testimony to our assertion. Thus, our message to our current and potential clients are efficiency and deliverance.With much gratitude and respect we do express our strong interest to doing business with you.


Gems Global Services Ltd

Gems Global Services Limited is a registered limited liability which specialized mainly in rendering IT and or ICT Based Services with number of Engineering based Services being inclusive. We undertake project design, supply, installation and maintenance of many ICT products and provide solution for number of Engineering Services as can be seen in the main brochure of our company. We have a record of testimonial achievements in construction and renovation services, design and installation of CCTV Security System, Solar Powered Supply System, Wireless Intercom System, Programming and Networking, System Analysis And Automation, E-library System, Home Security System, Smoke And Fire Detector, Hybrid Electric Supply System, Automatic Change-Over Switch and so on. We Recently Diversified Our Scope Into Area Of Research, Training And Marketing Exercise where we venture huge investment to meet your absolute satisfaction. Our reputation has been built on professionalism, customer service, quality products, excellent workmanship, and technical know-how which streamline our skills to offer you services that are the highest standard and at extremely competitive rates. Subsequently, are our mission and vision statements as well as details of our major services.

The Company Is divided into three Subsidiaries, that provide ICT, Engineering, and Training Services as follows;

  1. Gems Global School of Entrepreneurship
  2. Talent ICT Innovation Hub
  3. Gems Global Project Management

Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to Provide Innovative Engineering And ICT Solution Services To Our Clients Using The International Best Practice And The Principles Of Quality, Safety, Community Relations And Environmental Protection

While our Vision is to Be The Leading Company Providing Engineering And ICT Solutions In Nigeria Through The Provision Of World-class Products And Services.


The company provides ICT, Engineering, based Services as follows;